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    Many people we have spoken with believe that their wedding day was one of the most monumental and memorable event that occurred in their lives.  Wedding ceremonies are many times compared to other important life changing events, such as, high school and college graduation, in addition to the birth of children.

  So why would anyone want to leave such an important days documented moments and memories to chance?  Did you know that:


  • There is specific makeup that is formulated for photography.
  • Some Makeup that is not formulated for photography can photograph whitish or transparent and in some cases metallic.

  The bottom line is that you can never redo your wedding.  Let a professional makeup artist and stylist help you achieve the look you desire for your wedding.  Relax and let the professionals help you make sure that your special day and the documented memories are a success. 


We are licensed cosmetologist and estheticians that have been working in the beauty industry for approximately 36 years collectively.   We have worked and trained with some of the finest makeup artist and stylist in the industry. Our passion for makeup , skin care and hair care drives us to find and learn the newest and most exciting trends happening in the industry.  This allows us to provide and be certified in such services like semi- permanent eyelash extensions, and airbrush makeup.





    We always get excited when we assist a bride on her wedding day, because every bride’s wants and needs are very different and special; this is why we tailor our services to meet the bride’s needs that we are working with.  We value and listen to a brides input.  During the consultation we always encourage our brides to tell us about themselves, the makeup they use, as well as have them bring pictures of looks they are interested in achieving. We only use the finest makeup that has been proven over and over again to photograph flawlessly.  We never forget that the bride is the star of the day. We are there to make sure that she’s radiant and shines like a star should.

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